ECD.CC is registered in 2006, owned and operated by Mega Holdings Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong. ECD.CC has been selling sub-domains since 2006 and is currently a Commercial Domain Reseller in Asia Pacific. Here at ECD.CC, we pride ourselves at being environmentally responsible and have worked hard to keep our operations efficient, minimizing our impact on the environment.


To be a leading online international network marketing company making website ownership available to everyone.


In order to strategically achieve our VISION, we provide:

  • A simple state-of-the-art, user-friendly web builder to create professionally-designed websites;
  • Multi-level training, with several language options, to empower and develop anyone into independent business owners;
  • Highly competitive compensation plans to reward one's effort; and
  • A convenient cash withdrawal system available worldwide.


Mega Holdings Limited adventures and discoveries in e-commerce that spanned over 122 countries worldwide and that touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across many cultural and national lines in a borderless world. To be in line with the green environmental global initiation objectives, why us?

Green Hosting - With electricity expenses to power all the data centers around the planet surpassing a whopping 7 billion US dollars annually, green hosting is a serious alternative to hosting providers powered by the grid.

Cost - The truth is you can find a reliable green webhosting provider cheaper than regular hosting at ECD.CC.

Pride - Finally, you can take pride in using a green and sustainable energy source.

Green Company - At ECD.CC green hosting, we are proud to say that we are virtually waste free as a company! Thanks to our remote workforce, we produce none of the waste that comes from a typical office environment.


ECD.CC is a one-stop web hosting service provider providing online web building and designing services to create a website of your choice. Its product package includes registration of your website with a unique domain name, email facility and web hosting services.

We provide a state-of-the-art and user-friendly Easy Builder with a simple 3-step process of choosing your category and theme, inserting contents and publishing your website. Professionally-developed designs plus an easy drag and drop function enable even a novice to have a website of his own without the need for prior technical training or knowledge.


At ECD.CC, we adopt the Social Network and Word-of-mouth marketing strategies in order to provide you a business opportunity platform for your success.

Social Network Marketing is the next big thing, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, YouTube, etc. These websites have rocketed to the top of the most visited website list in a very short time and continue to increase in popularity. The great advantage of social networks to marketing is their tendency to propagate information virally. On the other hand, in combining with Word-of-mouth, here are the facts:

Word-of-mouth affects purchase behavior.
50% of purchase decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth has massive reach.
1,000 customers can generate 500,000 conversations about a brand.

Word-of-mouth builds audience trust.
92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising and just 10% trust brands today.

Word-of-mouth influences people.
81% of consumers are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.

Word-of-mouth supports positive reputation management.
66% of brand mentions on the social web are positive.

Word-of-mouth affects search engines.
25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content published via social media.

Word-of-mouth marketing works.
89% of consumers believe that customer testimonials are the most effective content with 70% reviewing online customer reviews first when they consider a brand.

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